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  • заверки и застраховки
  • заверки и застраховки


ST Daniel Commerce – Polya Petrova has agency agreements with some of the leading insurance companies in Bulgaria and acts as an agent when concluding insurance contracts.

We offer the following types of insurance:

  • Third party motor liability insurance;
  • Vehicle accident insurance;
  • Travel insurance;
  • Medical expenses in case of an accident or illness for foreigners during a short/ long stay in the Republic of Bulgaria;
  • Professional and business liability insurance while executing corresponding works (e.g. designers, consultants, construction companies, notaries, insurance brokers, lawyers, private legal executors, liquidation trustees, registered auditors, architects and engineers, chartered accountants, doctors and dentists, persons engaged in cadastral activities, persons having private medical practice, technical supervision of high risk facilities, etc.)

  • We are focused on travel insurances (or the so-called “medical expenses when traveling abroad”). For many years we have been concluding contracts and consulting our clients on this product. We know the particulars, conditions and coverage of the insurances required by some of the embassies in Bulgaria.