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Frequently Asked Questions

QUESTION: What is legalization?

ANSWER: Legalization is certification of a document by the competent authorities and its final certification at the Consular Relations Direction of the Republic Bulgaria Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

QUESTION: What is a certified translation?

ANSWER: A certified translation is a translation which is made and processed as follows: the translation is printed on a blank with the translation company letterhead, attached to the original (or copy) of the document. After that it is certified by the company seal and the translator signature. Generally, certified translations are necessary for participation in public tenders. Nevertheless, to avoid misunderstanding, it is necessary to clarify preparing of the documents at the administrative body that requires them.

QUESTION: How much do translation and legalization of a document cost?

ANSWER: Each document is different in size (this impacts on the translation price) and with regard to the institutions it has to be presented at (this also impacts on the legalization price). The total price also depends on the period of time for the execution of the order. Please, get in touch with us or ask us for an offer by means of our web-site to avoid misunderstanding.

QUESTION: How long does it take to have a document translated and legalized?

ANSWER: The time for translation and legalization depends on the size and type of the document (various documents are certified by different institutions). Please, get in touch with us or send us an inquiry via our web-site. Then we can inform you about the time for translation and legalization.

QUESTION: What is Apostille?

ANSWER: An Apostille is a stamp affixed by different institutions in Bulgaria and abroad depending on the document type. An Apostille is a stamp of 10 fields (see here), which certifies the genuineness of the signature of the person issued the document.

QUESTION: What institutions affix Apostilles in Bulgaria and abroad?

ANSWER: in Bulgaria Apostilles are affixed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Ministry of Justice (depending on the document). Abroad Apostilles are affixed by different institutions. Here you can find a detailed list of states and institutions affixing Apostilles..

QUESTION: How a document should be prepared for translation and legalization?

ANSWER: Each document passes through various phases and is processed at different institutions to be ready for the final legalization. All documents are different and specific. We will be glad if you get in touch with us and we can consult you and provide you with the information how to prepare your documents before you come to our office.

QUESTION: The Republic of Bulgaria has agreements on the recognition of other states documents. What does it mean?

ANSWER: If the Republic of Bulgaria has such an agreement with another state, it means that a document issued by the official authorities and persons of the one state should be recognized by the other state without affixing an Apostille. However, our clients often want to have an Apostille affixed, as there have been cases when, despite of such an agreement, official authorities require an Apostille on the documents. Here you can find a list of the states, with which Bulgaria has entered into an agreement on the legal assistance.